Scavenger Hunt Shenanigans

Aug 4, 2022

Categories: Blog

    This summer has been a busy one for several fun-seeking residents of the Bridgewater community.  Ten teams were turned loose around Bridgewater to complete multiple tasks, projects, community events, and even a music video!  Teamwork is the underlining theme in all Scavenger Hunts and this one did just that.  First and foremost were the TEAM names: Nacho Average Squad, The Fab Five, Crazy 8’s, Par for the Course, The Tribe, The Private Eyes, The Flamingos, One Eyed Pirates, The Wining Team, and The Young Guns.

    Each team was charged with a long list of challenges and daily tasks including creating a music video, eating a meal together, various pictures of the team around the neighborhood and community!  One team built a cardboard boat holding a team member while another built a cardboard boat holding three team members (extra points achieved)!  Two other teams challenged each other to a spirited game of Putt Putt.  Three members of one team donated blood and completed the Volunteer work task. 

    Regardless of the project or task, this Scavenger Hunt successfully achieved all the goals: fun, bringing friends closer, making new friends, bringing out the inner child, promoting problem-solving, fostering creativity, exploring new places, and creating laughter, comradery, and memories that will last a lifetime!