Host the Perfect Backyard BBQ in Your New Home!

May 30, 2024

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Hosting a backyard BBQ is a fantastic way to celebrate your new home and bring friends and family together. Here's a quick guide to help you organize the perfect BBQ from your own backyard. 

Select a Date

This seems obvious, but it's important to select a date that will work for everyone you want to invite. Additionally, you want to be able to check the weather to avoid any rain or thunderstorms from ruining your BBQ. Typically, a weekend where no rain is expected and the temperature is comfortable is the perfect time to host friends and family for a BBQ. 

Create a Menu

While we typically think of hamburgers and hotdogs for a BBQ, it's just as important to have other options and sides to ensure everyone can be satisfied with their plate! Try adding some diversity to your main dishes with grilled chicken, fish, or some veggie skewers. Also, don't forget to have some delicious sides that compliment your meal! Potato salad, coleslaw, and corn on the cob are some common favorites. Incorporating some snacks to munch on while the food is cooked and some light desserts for after is a nice added touch that will be sure to please any guests in attendance! 

Designate a Seating Area

On the morning of the BBQ, you will want to ensure you have space for everyone to hang out and sit if they'd like. Ensure your backyard is clean and the grass is mowed. Arrange any outdoor furniture you have to facilitate conversation and try to provide enough seating options for everyone invited! 

Decorate the Area

If you anticipate your guests staying until dark, you can add some string lights to your backyard area to create a nice ambience after the sun sets. Also, utilize tablecloths and napkins to help make cleanup a breeze after everyone goes home! The more you can do before the BBQ, the better. 

Start Early in the Afternoon

To allow for ample cooking time, start your BBQ in the early afternoon. This allows guests to show up and get acquainted while leaving you plenty of time to prep and cook the meal before dinnertime. This also allows you to ensure how much food you will need to make, in case anyone isn't able to make it. Any guests that don't plan to stay long after dinner still have plenty of time to enjoy themselves, and any guests planning to stay later into the evening can keep the party going! 

Have Some Entertainment Ready

Lastly, prepare a few backyard games like cornhole or bocce ball. These activities keep guests, and kids, entertained throughout the duration of the BBQ! If you have a firepit, you can also light a fire after dinner and have some s'mores! 

By following these steps, you'll host a memorable backyard BBQ that showcases your new home and ensures a great time for all your guests! Happy Grilling!