Look who is saying YES

to the Good Life

Russ & Debby Culp
Bridgewater Residents - The Cottages

“My husband and I have been visiting the Myrtle Beach area over a year now…looking for a community we might be happy in.”

“When I heard about Bridgewater I was very excited and started following the Facebook page as well as signed up for the VIP emails. We researched Chesapeake Homes and found they have a very good reputation and we were impressed with the quality of their work.

We loved the location and the amenities that are going to be available in this new community. A variety of floor plans are available, so it made it easy to find one that we would be happy with. As soon as appointments opened, I think we were one of the first to schedule and we were scheduled to meet with Gregg. Gregg has been wonderful through this whole process. He is very patient with all my questions and timely in providing information that I ask for. We could not attend the VIP event on June 1 and Gregg was very instrumental in assisting so that we had everything ready to submit our contract even though we were out of town. We came down a few weeks after and were excited to take pictures on our new lot! Gregg continues to be patient and helpful every step of the way and I would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends. We are looking forward to coming into this new community, making new friends and enjoying the amenities and our new home! We are ready for the “Good Life”!”

Mrs. Sandra Collins
Bridgewater Resident - The Towns

“I’d like to acknowledge and compliment Susan Barker at the Bridgewater Design Gallery”

I’ve purchased one of The Towns at Bridgewater and I’d like to acknowledge and compliment Susan Barker at the Bridgewater Design Gallery for her outstanding customer service! Along with my late husband, I’ve been through the design center phase of new home buying several times.

However, I still benefitted tremendously from Susan’s knowledge, expertise and insight as a Design Consultant/Manager. I was very comfortable working with Susan as she was very patient and not at any time did I feel rushed. She was truly interested in helping me design my new home & not just trying to sell options. She was tremendous in helping me put materials together. Susan was also very prompt in following up via email and telephone when necessary. Susan was a delight to work with as she has excellent customer service/people skills which made the selection process an enjoyable experience! Susan is an asset to the Bridgewater Home Buying Team!”

Lynette Kenton
Bridgewater Resident - The Cottages

“I would highly recommend your company to anyone. I am looking forward to watching the neighborhood grow.”

“I just wanted to take a minute to share praise of my builder, Chuck Colbert. I recently closed on my new home in Bridgewater and everything went so smoothly. I had a fairly strict deadline for moving and Chuck made the timeline perfectly.

I moved from PA, so I was not here to see the building unfold. Although, my sister and brother-in-law (living in Calabash) did help me out in that department. I am so impressed with everything about this house. Your team is amazing and Chuck did a remarkable job.He has a wonderful attention to detail. He took his time during our walk-through to explain everything to me. This is the 8th property that I’ve purchased and the most positive experience to date.”

Eric and Gina Ellis

“My name is Eric Ellis and my wife and I settled on our new house at Seaglass Village in Bridgewater. I would like to commend Chuck on his outstanding work on our house. We watched as progress was made in building our house. Chuck always replied to my texted almost immediately. Everything seemed to go smoothly. The walk through the week before closing Chuck already had all the small problems marked and the day of closing everything was perfect ! This is the first new home Gina or I have ever lived in and we have always heard what a nightmare building a new home could be, but our experience here with Chuck has been just the opposite. When problems arose Chuck always remained calm and reassuring and the problem was corrected quickly. We hope you know what an asset Chuck is to Chesapeake Homes.”

Michael & Judy Andresky

"My name is Michael Andresky, my wife Judy and I have a home in the Bridgewater Community in Little River, SC built by Chesapeake Homes. We just closed on our home in March of 2022. When Hurricane Ian hit our area on 9/30/22, we were the only home in the development to lose siding. Quite amazing considering the force of the wind that day. Thought that my wife and I would be stuck with a costly claim or at least paying a high deductible on our policy.

I reached out to Eva Jackson who works in the warranty department for Chesapeake Homes asking for a courtesy repair on our home since it was so new. Even though this damage is not a warranty issue but an insurance claim issue, Eva came through for us and had the repair made free of charge. Eva and Chesapeake Homes are to be commended for this great service. So, if your are considering buying a home built by Chesapeake Homes, by all means, do so, they stand up and above their product. You may contact us for verification of this statement."

Alicia and Greg Marcy

“So where do we begin… ah yes, when we met Gregg all those years back in the trailer before a 2×4 was even on the Bridgewater property. You have been our tour guide on this adventure of purchasing our Forever home. You helped us with the perfect lot and guided us through all the ups and downs. In the end, you were always the person we knew we could count on. We don’t know if you’ve heard this enough, but you are great at your job! Thank you for everything!”

Bob & Shirley Anderson
Bridgewater Residents - The Cottages

“Couldn’t ask for a better place to live. All in all we are “Living the Good Life“

“We looked up and down the Grand Strand at new housing developments several times but ended up coming back to Bridgewater every time. We were very satisfied with the quality of the build, the materials that were used, the choice of the model homes we walked through and the layout of the development.

We really liked the North Myrtle Beach area as well as Little River so we decided to make our new home here. We like the walking paths, the dog parks, the oak trees and the amenities here as well. The staff at Bridgewater were extremely helpful all the way through the buying process and beyond. Couldn’t ask for a better place to live. Social events are offered if you choose to participate. All in all we are “Living the Good Life”.

Pam & Pete Hutchins
Bridgewater Residents - The Cottages

“We visited Bridgewater about two years ago as the development was getting started.“

“We fell in love in the Shorebreak model when we first visited Bridgewater.  We recently picked out our lot via Facetime with friends while we were still in New Hampshire.  From the lot selection to choosing the elevation of our model, it was easy to select virtually.  

Gregg answered our questions via a Zoom call.  Susan in the Design Gallery took her time and did a fantastic job with our Virtual Design Appointment.  The 3D virtual tour of the Design Gallery from the website made the proceed easy to see and helped us with our selection process.  Thanks to Gregg, our agent and Susan!  They all did a fantastic job and we can’t wait to move down!

John & Karen Page

Hello to all the new potential homeowners searching for that perfect home. Bridgewater is a development that is more than a collection of homes trying to create a neighborhood. It’s a collection of people from all over the country that perhaps left family behind and it’s a collection of people that sacrificed the comfort they had at their previous homes and set forth in the pursuit of a new chapter in their life.

My wife Karen and I came to South Carolina for the first time in the summer of 2019 and found the Bridgewater Development. It was the last place we visited on a wild two-week tour of perhaps 20-25 developments. The moment we met Greg in the sales office, and he showed us the development we were sold that this was the place we wanted to be. The Development is directly across the street from Mcleod Seacoast Hospital, a fact we love. We came from Boston the heart of great medical care and the doctors we have found directly across the street are amazing.

The fact you have every store imaginable within 10-30 minutes is incredible. The best-selling feature is the beach is only three miles away. Now for the development itself. The amenity center has an indoor and outdoor gathering area, and the pool is simply amazing. We ended up in Shadowbay, one of the villages of Bridgewater, in November of 2020.

Our decision was based on the simple fact that we could never imagine living somewhere else. We knew immediately this was our home. In our hearts selecting any other development would be a mistake. My mind kept telling me that if I had to drive by this development every day, I would truly regret the decision not to purchase a home at Bridgewater. Best decision of our lives.

In one year, we have met so many incredible people from all over the development. It would be an in justice to call them neighbors. They are closer than that, in many ways they have become family to us. It’s been an amazing first year and we look forward to the adventure of meeting so many interesting people as the neighborhood grows daily. Each new family adds to the fabric of what bonds Bridgewater as a community.

Best wishes John & Karen Page

Terry & Albert Fritts
The Maggio-Deaton's
Marwin & Crystal Satchell
Marilyn & Phil Corsi
Bridgewater Residents - The Cottages

“We’re glad that Chesapeake Homes decided to build in this area, really, looking at the way things have played out!”

Shannon & Travis Chain
John & Marilyn Scanlin
Bridgewater Residents - The Cottages

“It’s so easy to get out and ride our bikes, walk. I see our days as very full. Our granddaughters are so excited to come over and we’ve got a lovely kitchen that we can make all kinds of goodies in.”

James and Selma Martinette
Bridgewater Residents - The Cottages

“I’m excited about hanging with our neighbors…. there’s so many great people moving in here!”