Winter Motivation – Purging & Cleaning After The Holidays!

Jan 16, 2021

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Everyone knows about and has heard of Spring Cleaning. You throw open the windows and let the fresh air in. Then you clean and purge your home as you welcome the season of new growth. But what about winter cleaning? You know, after the holidays and when you get ready to stay indoors for the next few months?  Why not make sure you clean a few spaces that hold dust, dirt, and germs that you could be inhaling while you are nestled inside?

Here’s a winter cleaning checklist to guide you:

The dryer ventgathers lint that is highly flammable. To clean your dryer vent, unplug and then pull out the dryer as far as you can from the vent pipe. Disconnect it. Vacuum the dryer’s outlet hole and the vent pipe. Remove the dryer’s vent cover and vacuum as deeply as you can inside the vent.

Scrub out your trash cans,inside and out. Then use a disinfectant to kill any remaining germs. White vinegar mixed with equal parts of water works great.

HVAC filtersare notorious dust grabbers. Remove and replace the old filters and clean the grates. This should be done every 60 days.

Move your refrigerator to get to the dust behind it. The fridge’s condenser coils will operate more efficiently without all the dirt and dust that can accumulate.  Remember to unplug any appliance before cleaning!

Get “edgy”! Look at surfaces that might be missed during your regular cleaning. Give a good dusting to door frames and trim, wall décor, smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, light fixtures and bulbs, baseboards, switch plates, doorknobs, ceiling fans, bookshelves, televisions and computers, and above your kitchen cabinets.

Pull out and turn over your upholstered furniture. Vacuum the bottom and all cushions.

Take down and clean your curtains. This is a great time to change your window coverings to a seasonal color scheme.

Wash throw rugsand steam clean your area rugs and carpet.

Vacuum mattresses and box springs. Then flip the mattress, which should be done twice a year. Wash your bed pillows and linens in the linen closet.

Clean out your fireplace and around the hearth. Have your chimney inspected before using it for the season, to ensure there’s no harmful build-up that could spark a fire.

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Now… get cozy in your clean home. Snuggle in and enjoy a healthier environment!

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