The 40th Annual World-Famous Blue Crab Festival

May 16, 2022

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Late Spring, like clockwork, starts the blue crab season in the low country of South Carolina. This sweet, buttery delicacy is so popular the Blue Crab Festival came to life forty years ago to try to bring traffic to the Little River waterfront.  Little River is known for fresh seafood, the annual blue crab festival, and the historic centuries-old live oak trees, it is one of the last communities where the slower pace still exists.

Still, over the years the festival has grown to the point of selling out of vendor space by March (over 250) and adding many to the waiting list, making the Blue Crab Festival one of the longest-running and one of the most famous street festivals in the southeast.

If a blue crab is not your thing, never fear there are so many other culinary choices only your imagination is holding you back. In addition, live music kept everyone entertained under the big tent each day throughout the festival and strolling stilt walkers were a sight to behold.  Hundreds of vendors and artists line the moss-covered oak tree-lined streets.  The slight breeze and shade from the live oaks make for a picturesque location and an enjoyable day for all ages.

If you missed the Blue Crab Festival this year, mark your calendar for the Little River Shrimp Festival, held every October in the same location.

The Little River waterfront is located less than 4 miles from Bridgewater.