Taking the Plunge for a Cause: Operation Kindness' Polar Bear Plunge

Jan 12, 2024

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Operation Kindness' sense of community and spirit of generosity shined brightly on Sunday, January 14th, at our third annual "Polar Bear Plunge". Eight brave souls showed their commitment to supporting our local homeless population with a chilling jump into icy waters at 10:00 AM. This annual event is more than a test of fortitude; it’s a beacon of hope, as every dollar raised helps provide essential services for the less fortunate through Hopes Kitchen and Dignity Mission.

This year’s Polar Plunge raised a whopping $13,000  to be divided between the two charities. They jumped, and they blew the roof off with support from family, friends, and neighbors. It brings tears to my eyes, said Chris Lemczak, Operation Kindness coordinator.

We're proud to honor our eight daring neighbors who leaped.

• Blizzard Deanna (Deanna Lyston)

• Aqua Dawn (Dawn Rathgeber)

• Shiver Janine (Beanie Reithel)

• Jumpin Judi (Judi Losh)

• 4Eva Flower Child (Evalee Parker)

• Fireball Ken (Ken Reynolds)

• Sundrop Snow Queen (Heidi King)

• Viking Tim (Tim Gould)

• Liam the Lobster (Liam Hauger)


Their support helps Hopes Kitchen at Ocean Drive Presbyterian Church and Dignity Mission at Little River Methodist Church provide vital services every week. These include hot showers, meals, laundry services, and food distribution to local homeless individuals.

Our wonderful local NMB Rescue Squad made sure everyone was safe and well looked after during the event.

Attendees also enjoyed delicious food and warm drinks, making it a memorable community gathering despite the chilly temperatures. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all the participants, supporters, and volunteers who made this year's Polar Bear Plunge a success. Your kindness truly makes a difference and continues to light the way for those in need. 

Bridgewater residents are truly making a difference in our community.  For more information about The Good Life at Bridgewater, click here