Namaste-Outdoor Yoga Class

Dec 15, 2020

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Here at Bridgewater, we encourage our community members to stay active by providing different activities throughout the month. In the month of December, we hosted an Outdoor Yoga class. Luckily for our homeowners, it was a beautiful warm sunny day. Homeowners brought in their own yoga mats and practiced social distancing. The Yoga Instructor went over different positions and how they benefit one’s body. For example, did you know that Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility. It also helps quality of life, reduce stress, anxiety, and even back pain. Yoga, however, is only one of the many ways to stay active within Bridgewater. We have our paved walking trails, bocce ball courts, and bike riding clubs. Whether you enjoy staying active independently or within a group, Bridgewater is the place for you!

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Outdoor Yoga Class
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