Moving to Bridgewater- Best Decision Ever!

Nov 29, 2021

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Hello to all the new potential homeowners searching for that perfect home. Bridgewater is a development that is more than a collection of homes trying to create a neighborhood. It’s a collection of people from all over the country that perhaps left family behind and it’s a collection of people that sacrificed the comfort they had at their previous homes and set forth in the pursuit of a new chapter in their life.

My wife Karen and I came to South Carolina for the first time in the summer of 2019 and found the Bridgewater Development. It was the last place we visited on a wild two-week tour of perhaps 20-25 developments. The moment we met Greg in the sales office, and he showed us the development we were sold that this was the place we wanted to be. The Development is directly across the street from Mcleod Seacoast Hospital, a fact we love. We came from Boston the heart of great medical care and the doctors we have found directly across the street are amazing.

The fact you have every store imaginable within 10-30 minutes is incredible. The best-selling feature is the beach is only three miles away. Now for the development itself. The amenity center has an indoor and outdoor gathering area, and the pool is simply amazing. We ended up in Shadowbay, one of the villages of Bridgewater, in November of 2020.

Our decision was based on the simple fact that we could never imagine living somewhere else. We knew immediately this was our home. In our hearts selecting any other development would be a mistake. My mind kept telling me that if I had to drive by this development every day, I would truly regret the decision not to purchase a home at Bridgewater. Best decision of our lives.

In one year, we have met so many incredible people from all over the development. It would be an in justice to call them neighbors. They are closer than that, in many ways they have become family to us. It’s been an amazing first year and we look forward to the adventure of meeting so many interesting people as the neighborhood grows daily. Each new family adds to the fabric of what bonds Bridgewater as a community.

Best wishes John & Karen Page