Meet Mackenzie, Online Sales Consultant

Aug 9, 2021

Categories: Blog

"I began working at Chesapeake Homes in the middle of a pandemic.  It was such a refreshing start I knew it was the right job for me after I started meeting my potential co-workers.  Everyone was so friendly and inviting. I could very quickly envision myself in this position!"

Mackenzie is one of Chesapeake Homes Online Sales Consultants, meaning she is one of the first points of contact for future home buyers visiting or  Mackenzie was originally from Grand Rapids, MI but grew up in Myrtle Beach, SC.  She graduated from the College of Charleston and recently married her middle school sweetheart!  The Happy Newlyweds live in Conway, SC with two pups- a puggle and a golden retriever.  

"My typical day begins as most peoples do… with coffee!  I work from home, so after one cup of coffee, my day is ready to begin.  I start by going through my emails from the night before.  I begin to tackle my projects and activities for the day, all the while answering calls from potential homeowners and current homeowners.  I am also making outbound calls to Real Estate agents and customers who have previously visited one of our communities.  I assist the marketing team with social media upkeep and sift through potential online customers.  Working from home is wonderful!  However, it is difficult to know when to "turn myself off" for the night.  Working remotely is such a blessing but requires great time management skills to make sure you're not overworked.  My office is directly across from my bedroom, so this can be difficult to separate work from family time.  Chesapeake Homes values work and home life balance, I am so lucky to be surrounded by people who care about my well-being inside and outside of work."

Kindness!  I receive all kinds of phone calls throughout each day.  I must remember that a simple, kind phone call can turn someone's day from bad to good!  All my co-workers are such a joy to work with both virtually and in person.  The most common trait is Kindness.  

Chesapeake Homes is like one big family!  Everyone here wants to help each other succeed.  I always feel encouraged and supported to be the best version of myself.

The highlight of my job is being able to form relationships with customers as they call into Chesapeake Homes.  Getting to learn about what people are looking for in their new home is such an uplifting job.  Being able to help someone find their dream home truly is a passion of mine! I love getting to know all the individuals I speak with daily!