Let The Bridgewater Freindsgiving Festivities Commence!

Nov 3, 2022

Categories: Blog

The popular trend of Friendsgiving is even bigger nowadays and no one really knows when it began, officially.

The nice thing about Friendsgiving is that it can be held anytime, not just at Thanksgiving. Friendsgiving is always local, usually within walking distance or easy driving distance. The name is a compound of friends and Thanksgiving, the meaning infers a much more informal get-together mostly following a Thanksgiving-style menu.  Just because the name suggests friends, there is no reason you can’t invite family too or neighbors!

If you live in a great neighborhood like Bridgewater, you can participate in getting to know your neighbors at such an event.  This year, in fact, there are two Friendsgiving soirees planned, one around lunchtime and the other at the dinner hour.  This is to accommodate everyone's schedule and allow more people to enjoy the get-together. 

At Bridgewater, it is all about a neighborhood coming together to share good food, lots of laughs, and make good memories with neighbors that became good friends.