It's National OSC Day - How Our Online Sales Consultants Can Help You!

Feb 9, 2022

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Happy National OSC Day! If you aren’t sure what that means, let’s catch you up! OSC stands for Online Sales Consultant, and they play an integral role in helping you find your dream home! And today, we celebrate them for all they do!

Our OSCs are an amazing resource and can help navigate you through the beginning phases of building your home. In honor of National OSC Day, we wanted to share some tips on how our OSC’s can help you start the process of building your new home. Loaded with years of Chesapeake Homes experience, our OSC team specializes in walking you through the most important preliminary steps of the process.

Confirm your price point

The first thing any homebuyer needs to do is identify their wants and needs. A great place to start is by getting a pre-approval to help set an investment range. Look at your monthly household budget and start to factor in the changes to property taxes, HOA fees, and any moving expenses. The team is prepared to set you up with our preferred lender, Tidewater Mortgage, should you need the perfect loan officer.

Once you have a budget in place, you can start to identify what you want out of your house. Do you want to have a large yard, or is more garage space more important to you? Would you prefer a large community, or a smaller scale community that is nearby major highways? These types of questions will help you dial in what you are looking for in your new home and will ultimately make the experience much easier for all!

Connect with us

The whole process can be difficult to navigate on your own, which is why we have people ready to help! As soon as you have identified your needs, it’s time to get connected with the OSC team! When you first connect with an OSC, they will start by asking a few questions to understand what you are looking for in your new home. If you applied the first tip in this blog, then you will be well prepared! They are a wealth of knowledge on all things Chesapeake Homes and will be able to identify the communities and floorplans that fit your needs based on information you provide. You will be one step closer to building your dream home!

Visit this site or call 757-550-2617 to have one of our OSCs guide you through the next phase of the homebuying process.

Schedule a walkthrough

Lastly, we suggest taking advantage of our model homes and booking a walkthrough with our OSCs. When you schedule a walkthrough at one of our models you are giving yourself a chance to physically step into your dream home and experience Chesapeake Homes firsthand. This is also a great opportunity to see the neighborhood and surrounding areas and attractions. They will connect you with an on-site agent who will answer any questions you have about your home and neighborhood as you conduct your tour.

By taking a walkthrough you are not committing to your home, so we highly advise taking advantage of this no-pressure way to get answers to any questions you have and gain valuable insight on the location, community, and home.


Now that you know a little about how they can help you, look at how our Chesapeake Homes Team appreciates our OSCs