How to Have a Cool Holiday- Celebrating Cherished Traditions

Dec 1, 2021

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Bridgewater Residents Chris (Cool) and Nick Lemczak share a long standing family holiday tradition:

In 1990 The Cool family decided that due to the growing number of family members (in-laws, outlaws, etc.) the adults would draw names and exchange gifts. After the first couple of years, we decided to up the ante and you had to make your gift.

This 30-year idea has grown into the best family tradition possible. We draw names each Christmas and have a whole year to plot and plan. Some of us work on it early, others call Mom in November to review the list to see who they have. We’ve had lottery ticket trees, A year of monthly homemade meals (for those single guys), ½ day of hard labor of your choice, an Advent calendar of craft beers. Some say that they “make the money” to buy the gift presented. Anything goes.

The most special ones are the ones that have taken hidden talents to new heights. Several family members have taken up hobbies that exceed expectations. We’ve had Jewelry made from family silverware, Memory bears made from loved ones' clothes, Handmade humidors, but the most coveted Father Christmas that incorporates family heirlooms is a must-have.

Mom is the keeper of the list. On Christmas Day she reads it off - the receiver takes the center seat to open their gift which usually includes a note of explanation- this can lead to laughs, tears, and the best of times.

So, if you're looking to add new fun and traditions to those family gatherings, throw the idea out there. Hoping your Christmas is filled with family, friends, and a bit of magic.

Father Christmas’ includes scraps from prom dresses, doilies made by great grandma, arrowheads found by my grandpa, Dad’s, watch & belt buckle, jewelry from parents, the list goes on. (Pictured)