How To Cut Energy Costs in your Home in 2024!

Jan 11, 2024

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Each year, on January 10th, homeowners and businesses are reminded of ways to help reduce energy costs and improve efficiency for “National Cut Your Energy Costs Day.” This year we wanted to help homeowners and buyers alike by providing information on how you too can start the new year on the right foot when it comes to your electric bills.


o   The first step in shrinking your energy bill is finding your pitfalls. According to Fidelity, getting an energy audit is when an inspector comes in to examine what is causing high amounts of energy use. They will work with you on ways you can upgrade your home or change daily habits in order to save you some money.


o   Smart thermostats are just one part of our smart home packages. They give you an easier way to control the temperature of your home and help you figure out how to save electricity at the same time. A good rule of thumb is to also set or change your thermostat by 10 degrees (depending on the season) when you’re asleep or away from home. Doing this change for eight hours can lower costs by around 10%.

o   Some electronic gadgets, such as TVs, computers, and speakers, never truly power off. Instead, they are in a type of standby mode. This mode uses power that can add up to account for 5%-10% of home energy, according to nerdwallet. Plugging these types of technologies into a smart power strip can help cut off currents to devices that are not in use.

We know that Smart Home features are important, that's why Chesapeake Homes offers technology that adds a sense of security along with money-saving and energy-saving features into every home we build! 


o   The U.S. Department of Energy says home lighting accounts for about 10% of your electric bill each month. One way to help this portion of the costs is changing your bulbs to LEDs or energy-saving incandescent. The Energy Department also suggests checking your electric utility company because some may offer rebates or other incentives for purchasing energy-efficient products.

o    In addition, to how you light your home, think about how often those lights are on. Look for ways to use connected home devices or lighting controls such as sensors, dimmers, or timers, to ensure you are reducing lighting use.

There are lots of simple ways to cut back in 2024 when it comes to your energy bill. Even the littlest things can make a difference. Try out our tips above and reach out to your energy company to see what you can do to help.