Guest Blog - 3 Ways Every Real Estate Agent Can Benefit from an Online New Home Specialists (ONHS) in New Construction!

Feb 7, 2024

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Written by Stephanie M., Online New Home Specialist at Chesapeake Homes.

What is an Online New Home Specialist (ONHS) in the New Construction Home Building Industry? This relatively new term has been up and coming in the business over the last 15 years. They are a unique group of individuals (often referred to as “unicorns”) who are the first point of contact for all incoming new construction leads. They answer questions, engage with the potential buyer, listen to customers’ needs, and provide solutions to their dissatisfaction in their current home or situation. Simply put, they are a matchmaker! And they do all this while lead generating/nurturing and reminding the customer that they are there to help. An Online New Home Specialists sets appointments for Agents and customers alike to visit new construction communities and assists them in finding that perfect new home! It is no secret that searching for that perfect home is hard, and everyone can benefit from an “Easy Button”! Here are some ways that the ONHS can help facilitate the home buying process.

1     Online New Home Specialists can be the “Easy Button” for our Real Estate Community. As experts in the builder’s communities, locations, inventory, upcoming communities, and current availability, one call, text, or email to the OSC could provide all the information the Agent may need. All of this without having to call each community individually. ONHS's are truly the one-stop-shop for all new construction information.


2.       Online New Home Specialists can help to bridge the gap between the On-Site Team and the Agent! They can pre-register their client’s information with the ONHS. The ONHS's can then add them to their CRM and keep the Agent informed on what is going on. When they are ready for a personal tour of any of the models, the Agent is documented as the buyer’s agent and the ONHS makes sure they are taken care of. This is to ensure the relationship is continually built and trust is ensured across the board.   


3.       Online New Home Specialists can help foster relationships with new construction trade partners. Oftentimes the Online New Home Specialists and the builder’s Marketing Team go hand in hand to help spread the word on new construction communities in the area. Whether it is a current community actively selling or an upcoming opportunity for the Agent’s client, Online New Home Specialists can help provide information by hosting events, working with others in the industry, or participating in expos and trade shows! This will help foster friendships and first-hand information!


With overall, in-depth knowledge about all things ‘new construction’, an Online New Home Specialists can lead Agents to success. While assisting the Agent in finding their client the perfect home, the Online New Home Specialists are a wealth of information! They know all communities with their builder, have first-hand knowledge of current and upcoming new home availability, and aid in building trust and understanding between the on-site team and the Real Estate Agent. An Online New Home Specialists in the New Construction Homebuilding industry is certainly the “Easy Button” that all Real Estate agents should utilize with their builder of choice!