Exciting Excursion Alert: Bridgewater Residents enjoy a Sunset Dolphin Cruise

Jul 27, 2023

Categories: Blog

Recently, nearly 50 residents from Bridgewater embarked on a field trip just a few miles away on the Little River Waterfront! They were captivated by a thrilling 2-hour cruise. First, they moved along the Intracoastal waterway while enjoying a fascinating narration. Then, they held on tight as they picked up speed and zipped past uninhabited islands and the jetty leading to the vast Atlantic Ocean. But the excitement didn’t end there! The second part of the tour took them out into the ocean in search of majestic dolphins, offering an up close and personal encounter with these magnificent creatures. And finally, as they returned to shore, they were welcomed with a breathtaking sunset and a view of our picturesque coastline.

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