Congratulations to the new Design Consultant Professionals- Susan and Jennifer!

Dec 27, 2021

Categories: Blog

Let's face it- The average design studio appointment can be a whirlwind of information, difficult decisions, and a lot of information all at once. DC PRO is not only improving the customer experience in our galleries, but also in our entire company. All employees are in the process of learning consistent terminology and expectation setting and seeing what a positive impact it is having on our overall customer experience.

We are excited to share that all of our Design Gallery Managers are now certified Design Consultant Professionals! The DC PRO course is the gold-standard online training program and industry-first certification that is exclusively for Design Studio Consultants. Through this course, participants learn how to connect meaningfully with buyers, create desire, and tap into hot buttons that motivate buying decisions. It hones in on skills that help them take control of the personalization process, overcome even the trickiest of objections and facilitate faster, more confident selections.

We are so proud of our South Carolina Design Team, Susan Barker and Jennifer Carter for their achievement of completing this certification program!