Bridgewater’s “Digger’s and Tiller’s” Community Garden Group -Ready for the growing season

Mar 29, 2022

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This project started as a dream from the Developer and transferred to a team of Resident gardening enthusiasts. Whether gardening is their passion or they just long for the taste of freshly grown organic produce, this dream is now a reality. Today, more than 38 residents participate in the garden experience, with a waiting list for garden spots.

The Community Garden area is located along Beech Fork Drive near the two dog parks. The gardening shed onsite is stocked full of gardening tools and is complete with a front porch to provide a little shade when tending your garden gets a little too hot. The garden is gated and has water available to make the process convenient and easier to maintain. There are 14 raised beds and 24 ground boxes. With the help of the HOA, they recently added 24 ½ tons of cypress mulch to help with the overall drainage. Members of the group work together to develop organic alternatives and keep the garden completely organic. There are also two compost piles located on-site for use to help fertilize organically. Pollinators are encouraged!

Here are a few benefits of Community Gardening:

New Experience and Socializing- Get to know your neighbors (maybe you wouldn’t have otherwise) while tending to your garden. Also, others may be growing something you haven’t tried to grow or have never tasted. Share or exchange some of your harvests to expand your garden table, palate, and friendships.

Garden Knowledge- Growing your plants is wonderfully rewarding but it does take knowledge. When and how much to water, planting for full sun or shade, soil structure and health, nutrients, natural pest control, and beneficial insects are just a few of the areas you will need information about. In a community garden, you will be surrounded by people with varying levels of garden knowledge who will never get tired of you talking about gardening.

Enhance the Community- Community gardens bring vacant land to life. Creating a safe and beautiful place to gather for humans and beneficial plants and insects.

Health and Wellness-Community gardens increase access to fresh better-quality foods, help reduce food expenses and improve food security. Gardening can increase physical activity while also improving mental health and relaxation. Further, without the use of harmful chemicals, both the food and gardener are surrounded by a healthier environment.

Bridgewater offers many opportunities to be social and make new friends. The Garden Group holds quarterly meetings and has an active Facebook page for newcomers as well as active members.

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