Announcing Bridgewater’s Veterans Memorial Club

Oct 20, 2020

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Several months ago, during a conversation between the developers at Bridgewater (Wakefield Development Company) and several Bridgewater residents who are veterans, an idea to incorporate a community memorial into the landscape came to light. Developers worked out a plan to reconfigure some of the current amenities to include a way to recognize and honor the current veterans that are residing in the Bridgewater. A veteran’s memorial was carefully thought out, and plans began to start constructing it.

Soon we will all be able to see and share the results of the hard work of the developer and the five Bridgewater veterans who volunteered their time to assist in the design and development of the memorial. The five veteran volunteers are an outstanding representation of our Bridgewater veteran’s community. They are all retired and former members of the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Air Force, with collective service of 93 years. During their careers they achieved ranks of Navy Commander, Chief Warrant Officer Three, First Sergeant, Master Sergeant, and Sergeant First Class. They had various specialties such as Airborne Infantry Paratrooper; Military Law Enforcement; Logistics; Software Support. Collectively their service included personal security for the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Foreign Military Dignitaries; Drug Interdiction Operations; DOD Major Fraud Operations; software support to the Space Shuttle Program; Air Force Logistics Operations in support of Middle East conflicts; Naval Operations in the Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic, Caribbean Sea and the Red Sea; and combat tours Urgent Fury in Granada; Just Cause in the Republic of Panama; and Desert Storm & Desert Shield. The five veterans formed a group to work with Wakefield Development Company in the design and creation of the memorial. After a few iterations, they selected a name for the veteran’s group as “Bridgewater Veterans Memorial Club (BVMC)” which will be a club within the Bridgewater HOA. The Developer and BVMC selected a name for the memorial as “Bridgewater Veterans Memorial.”

To be a member of the BVMC one must be a current resident at Bridgewater HOA, or an under-contract future resident of the Bridgewater and have your veteran’s status verified. Veterans may also elect to purchase a Brick of Honor to be placed at the Bridgewater Veterans Memorial. For the five veteran volunteers this project has been an enjoyable experience. Creating something for all our veterans in our community of all wars and conflicts, for those that returned home, and especially for those that made the ultimate sacrifice, this is a high honor.

The memorial construction is underway with the goal to have the memorial dedication on/or about Veterans Day 2020. The memorial will be located adjacent to the mail kiosk and the big lake. The memorial is open to all current residents, future residents, and visitors to Bridgewater. There is no charge to visit the memorial, we just ask for your good thoughts, well wishes, and thanks for dedicated service to our nation.

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