Chili Cook-Off | Bridgewater

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On a crisp November night, Bridgewater homeowners came bearing crock pots for the 1st Annual Bridgewater Chili Cook Off.  There were six crock pots full of rich, aromatic, bubbling goodness.

As homeowners arrived, they started with #1 and tasted around kitchen until all six were sampled.

After sampling all the chili, a ballot was available to write down your favorite number and cast your vote.

Everyone enjoyed gathering around the fire on the back porch, mixing, mingling and laughing— enjoying The Good Life with their neighbors.

As the evening was ending, the final vote was cast and tallied.

And the winners were announced…

1st Place- Jim Dyas

2nd Place- Bud Cole

3rd Place- Debby Culp

A great time was had by all and a challenge to repeat the contest next year, making to bigger and better!