Hurricane Preparation Tips

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In preparation for Hurricane Dorian – Chesapeake Homes wants to ensure the safety of both your home and your loved ones. Here are five ways to prepare for the upcoming storm. We hope you stay safe!

1. Take Inventory | Before and After Pictures

The last thing you will want to do after your home just got destroyed by a hurricane is try to remember every single item that was in your home originally. A good way to avoid this is by taking a brief walk through of the home before the storm hits with your camera in hand so you are able to remember everything for insurance purposes.

2. Secure Windows and Doors

Entry points like doors and windows are the weakest yet most vulnerable parts of your home during a major storm. Boarding these up greatly reduce the likelihood of shattering. An open window opens opportunity for excess winds, rain, and debris to fly in therefore using plywood or shutters is a good idea. Don’t bother taping your windows, this is a false sense of security and allows for the opportunity for larger, deadlier pieces of glass to come into the home. Also having leaky windows and doors can let in water so making sure they are properly sealed will give you extra protection against the storm.

3. Keep Trees Trimmed | Secure Loose Objects in the Yard

Outdoor objects surrounding your home can become deadly when getting swept up by a hurricane’s strong winds causing damage to either you or your neighbor’s property. Consider trimming your trees and get rid of any weak branches that may break off in the storm along with picking up things around the yard including potted plants, yard furniture, and children’s toys.

4. Clear Your Gutters and Drains

Having clear gutters and drains can prevent water from collecting around your home. In the case of a severe storm, this can prevent instant flooding of your attack. Make sure that no water is collecting by having a clean, smooth drainage way.

5. Protect Home From Flooding

Flooding is the most common natural disaster. To prevent damage from flooding, park your vehicles on higher ground before water rises. Experts recommend piling up sandbags are home’s entrances at least 2 feet high as an effective barricade against the floodwaters. If sandbags are not acquirable, fill a few heavy-duty garbage bags one-third of the way with water and place them side by side. Also consider unplugging all electronics and appliances as well as shutting off electricity to prevent an electrical surge or potential electrocution.