Operation Gratitude

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A group of Bridgewater homeowners came together to make the life of a soldier on active duty, just a little bit brighter.  A collection box was available in the Bridgewater Welcome Center for the month of January to accept donations of non-perishable food items, small toiletry items, socks, pillowcases and hand towels.

The idea of “Operation Gratitude” is being spearheaded by Bridgewater resident Chris Lemzcak and a host of volunteers from the community.  The concept is to bombard brave soldiers with care packages filled with homemade baked goods, notes of gratitude & goodies to share with their team. The first recipient was our very own neighbor, Linda & Joe Christopher’s grandson, Douglas DeVincentis.  Douglas is on his first 9-month deployment & currently is stationed in Kuwait. He leaves behind a wife and two small children.

Today was the day for the volunteers to come together and package boxes packed full of goodies, which included personal cards and notes of appreciation and gratitude.

Bridgewater neighbors came together and in some small way showed their gratitude for these young men & women’s sacrifices- giving them a reminder that they are NOT forgotten and truly appreciated.